Canine PBM Therapy

Discover the remarkable benefits of PBMT for dogs at Animal Axis. This innovative treatment reduces pain, stimulates healing and enhances overall wellness.  With safe and easy administration, PBMT provides a natural and effective solution for canine wellbeing, making a noticeable difference in just a few sessions.

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What Is Photobiomodulation Therapy?

PBMT, is an umbrella term that covers several technologies that use various wavelengths of light for therapeutic purposes. These technologies include LASERS, LEDs and Red Light Therapy that emit different wavelengths of light in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Many people use the terms red light therapy and photobiomodulation interchangeably, but red light is a type of PBM therapy.

PBM Therapy


At Animal Axis, we utilise both cold laser and red light therapy. So, how does cold laser and red light therapy work? The way that the light and cells in both red light and cold laser therapy interact to create these treatment effects is also called “photobiomodulation.”

These therapies utilise a laser or LED with red or near-infrared light to stimulate the healing process of damaged cells in specific areas of the body. With the ability to penetrate deep into muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, PBMT promotes a strong healing response.

The benefits of PBMT for dogs are numerous. It increases circulation, collagen production, ATP production, serotonin and melatonin production, lymphatic drainage, and endorphin release, while reducing inflammation. These factors are crucial for healing and overall wellness.

How It Can Help Your Dog


Not only is PBMT highly beneficial for dogs, but it is also safe and easy to administer. Dogs typically show improvement in their symptoms after just a few short sessions. This therapy is particularly advantageous for canine use due to dogs’ faster metabolic rates, smaller size, and their ability to respond quickly to photobiomodulation therapy.

Healing Effects

The healing effects of PBMT are extensive. It reduces pain by increasing endorphin production, increases oxygenation to the cells, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and strengthens tendons, bones, cartilage, and skin through increased collagen production. This therapy promotes quick healing, by relaxing tight muscles and releasing muscle cramps.

Photobiomodulation Therapy

At Animal Axis, we utilise PBMT devices that are highly effective in treating various conditions. From skin conditions and chronic pain to arthritis and muscle injuries, our therapy is proven to be effective and safe for dogs. It also aids in the recovery post-surgery and manages symptoms related to allergies, joint issues, and ACL/CCL tears.

A Multitude of Benefits

PBMT can provide a variety of advantages for your dogs, including:

✓ Relief from chronic pain

✓ Relief from neck and back pain

✓ Reduction in inflammation

✓ Speeds up healing of ligament/tendon, muscle and bone injuries 

✓ Relief from arthritic joints

✓ Alleviation of muscle pain

✓ Wound management

✓ Relief from skin conditions

✓ Reduction of symptoms pertaining to kennel cough

✓ Reduction of edema

✓ Improvement in hip dysplasia, IVDD, ACL repair/injury

✓ Strengthening of the immune system

✓ Reduction of anxiety

✓ Relief from nervous tension

✓ Relief from constipation

✓ Alleviation of diarrhoea

✓ Stimulation before performances

✓ Recovery after performances

✓ Reduction in scar tissue formation

PBMT for Dogs

PBMT, also referred to as cold laser/ red light therapy, can be applied to dogs in various ways. This therapy utilises specific light wavelengths to stimulate healing and provide therapeutic benefits. To discuss this treatment or for further information please get in touch.