Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Dogs, like humans, can experience muscle tension, stress, and various physical ailments that can greatly impact their overall wellbeing. This is why myofunctional therapy can be incredibly beneficial for them. Animal Axis is your ideal partner in providing professional care for your dog.

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What is Canine Myofunctional Therapy?

Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) is a gentle form of therapy specifically designed for dogs that incorporates a combination of exercise, stretching and massage techniques to improve muscle function and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. This form of therapy is beneficial for all dogs particularly those recovering from injuries, surgeries, and chronic conditions, offering not only physical healing but also relaxation and soothing effects. It can be implemented as a form of injury prevention, general maintenance and to enable enhanced performance in working, sporting or competition dogs.

By focusing on promoting proper muscle function, myofunctional therapy plays a vital role in addressing muscular dysfunction and enhancing mobility in the joints. This approach aims to reduce the adverse effects of muscular issues and improve overall wellbeing.

Through its focus on proper muscle function and circulation, it offers a holistic approach to improving canine wellbeing.

Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

Physical and Emotional


Regular treatments help to reduce muscle tension, improve flexibility and joint mobility, and decrease pain caused by conditions such as arthritis or injuries. By stimulating the release of endorphins, massages also have a calming and stress-relieving effect on dogs, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Improved Circulation and

Immune System:

Myofunctional therapy helps to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding in the removal of toxins and waste products from the body. This enhanced circulation boosts the dog’s immune system, allowing for better overall health and faster recovery from injuries, illnesses or sporting performance.

Is My Dog Suitable?

Myofunctional therapy is beneficial for the wellbeing of dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. While all dogs can benefit, we especially recommend services for:

  • Active dogs
    Promotes musculoskeletal maintenance to assist injury prevention.
  • Working/sporting /competition dogs
    Decreases recovery time and muscle fatigue by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. Can improve balance and range of motion.
  • Show dogs
    Eliminates toxins and improves nutrient supply to promote health from the inside-out.
  • Senior dogs
    Improves mobility and reduces muscle soreness, stiffness and inflammation.
  • Dogs recovering from injury or surgery
    Assists rehabilitation and promotes muscle healing while reducing scar tissue formation
  • Anxious/nervous dogs
    Induces relaxation and reduces tension. Stimulates the release of serotonin and endorphin which can reduce pain, stress and anxiety.

Not only does the muscular system work together with the skeletal systems to provide the power and a means to create movement, but muscles also interact with many other systems.

It’s important to understand that every part of the body influences every other aspect. The body is more than just a collection of individual parts. It is crucial to realise that dysfunction in one area, can have cascading effects throughout the body. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the whole body when assessing and treating any issues.

Signs That Your Dog May Benefit from

Myofunctional Therapy:

Difficulty Moving or Stiffness: If you notice your canine experiencing difficulty getting up, moving, or displaying signs of stiffness, it could indicate the presence of muscle tension, joint stiffness, or underlying musculoskeletal issues. Canine massage can help alleviate these problems and improve mobility.

Behavioural Changes or Agitation:
Dogs that are feeling uncomfortable or experiencing chronic pain may exhibit changes in behaviour. They may become more restless, easily agitated, or exhibit signs of aggression. Massage therapy can help reduce pain levels and promote relaxation, helping to restore their balanced and calm demeanour.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation: After undergoing surgery, myofunctional therapy can aid in your dog’s recovery by alleviating pain, enhancing mobility, and strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Chronic Conditions: Dogs with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, or intervertebral disc disease, may benefit from myofunctional therapy. It can help manage pain, increase flexibility, and enhance their overall well-being.

Why Choose Us?

At Animal Axis, your dog’s comfort and wellbeing are of the utmost importance. We are passionate about providing a safe and nurturing environment for every client. Animal Axis ensures that dogs feel at ease during the massage sessions, allowing them to relax and receive the maximum benefits from the therapy.