Dog Massage and Rehabilitation

Welcome to Animal Axis, where we are dedicated to helping your dogs live in optimal health. Our experienced and qualified team are committed to providing professional treatments and care tailored to meet their unique needs.

Dog Training and Fitness

At Animal Axis, we believe that a special bond between you and your dog is built through effective training and fitness, resulting in a lifetime of joyous companionship and adventures. With a personalised approach, we provide tailored training programs to address their needs.

Canine Complementary Therapy

Experience the cutting-edge treatments offered by Animal Axis through our specialised services of Canine PBM Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Accell Therapy & Kinesiology Taping. Our highly trained professionals utilise the latest techniques and technologies to provide targeted relief and support for your dogs.

Animal Axis – Holistic Health Solutions

Animal Axis is a Gold Coast based business that is passionate about helping your canine achieve optimal health and wellbeing for happiness and longevity. We endeavour to provide your dog with the best treatment so they can look and feel their best.

Founded by the qualified and accredited therapist Kim Russell, we are located in Southport. At Animal Axis we employ a multimodal approach to our treatments and each are tailored to the individual needs of the dog. 

We believe in providing a holistic approach to health and wellness by employing the philosophy that “the body is a unit”. Our focus is on how the body functions as a whole entity and the complex interrelationship between the body’s structure and the way it functions, including how this can, in turn, affect canine behaviour.

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How We Can Help

Animal Axis is passionate about dogs and their wellbeing and is committed to keeping them healthy and happy. We offer a wide range of therapies and services, providing personalised treatment plans designed for your canine’s individual needs. We work closely with your veterinarian to ensure the best possible care for your dog!

We are committed to the health of your dog. Our holistic/multimodal approach using varied physical therapies and treatments can help improve your dog’s physical condition, whether they’re recovering from surgery, living with an illness, suffering from anxiety, getting on in years or dealing with the strains of high intensity work and sport. You may even be seeking preventative and/or relaxation treatments.

We offer non-invasive physical treatments, which can improve and maintain your dog’s health and wellbeing. These treatments can be used to relieve the symptoms associated with existing injury or illness, and are also a great preventative measure in maintaining optimum condition and mobility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take a holistic approach to the physical and emotional wellbeing of dogs through tailored therapies and training.

We are committed to providing reliable and ethical guidance surrounding the ownership of dogs, working with guardians to provide professional advice and continued support. We believe that by empowering guardians through education and creating clear communication channels we can support the public and their pets to live happy, healthy lives.

Animal Axis is committed to the core values of animal welfare and professional standards as well as delivering the best possible service to dogs and their owners. We want to help improve the overall welfare of dogs in our community, through education about the importance of mind and body health. Our clinical therapy and treatments provide a cost-effective and ethical solution for dogs facing musculoskeletal or behavioural concerns. 

We Are Here to Help

We tailor our therapy sessions to your dog’s immediate and long-term needs. We take into account all different activity levels, ages, conditions, injuries and behavioural issues and adjust our treatment to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Treatments may include:

  • Remedial dog massage
  • Myofascial pain release
  • Proprioceptive exercises
  • Exercise therapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Active and passive range of motion exercises
  • Stretching
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Accell therapy
  • Kinesiology taping

Our therapy sessions include gait, posture and balance assessment, as well as soft tissue analysis, to detect any irregularities that might cause discomfort or indicate an injury or condition. An inital consultation and treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes to 90 minutes with follow up sessions from 30 to 60 minutes.

We will also provide you with a customised exercise program and discuss potential environment modifications that may assist your dog’s comfort at home.

Service Area

Servicing central Gold Coast, Paradise Point to Broadbeach and surrounds. Areas include Coombabah, Runaway Bay, Biggara Waters, Arundel, Labrador, Parkwood, Southport, Molendinar, Nerang, Ashmore, Bundall, Benowa and Carrara.

** Please note: Out of area travel, Sunday and public holiday surcharges may apply where applicable.

We Come to You

For all Bodywork therapy sessions/treatments we come to you as dogs are more comfortable at home in their familiar environment. As a Canine Physical Therapist, the first step is to build a trusting relationship with your dog before commencing treatment. Our experience has shown that this much easier and quicker in the comfort of your dog’s home. We also offer a pick up and drop off service for all of our walk and train and treadmill clients for your convenience.


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We Work With Your Vet

At Animal Axis we work in conjunction with your vet to achieve the best possible outcome for your dog. Although not mandatory, it would be helpful if your vet could email the most up-to-date clinical reports about your dog to .

*Please note that CMT (Canine Myofuctional Therapy) services and therapy compliment traditional veterinarian treatments and is not intended to be a replacement for veterinary care. We do not diagnose veterinary conditions or administer medication. Please consult with your vet for diagnosis and treatment of acute injuries.

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